Cashew tree.

Don’t you love cashews? These nuts are a mainstay in the vegan or vegetarian diet.

Cashews are native to northeastern Brazil, but are now cultivated in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, and the Ivory Coast. The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree. In addition to forming cashew nuts, the tree also grows cashew apples which can be used separately.The actual fruit of the cashew tree, however, is what contains the cashew nut. In Latin America, cashew apple pulp is used to create a delicious drink. Don’t expect to encounter fresh cashew apples though, unless your country grows cashew trees, as cashew apple skins are so delicate that this “false fruit” cannot be transported. Cashew nuts are not just for snacking, but can be used to make a variety of foods.


Raw cashew nuts.

What Can Cashews Do? 

Well, a lot.

Cashew butter is always nice. It is analogous to peanut butter, but cashew butter has a richer, more buttery flavour.

Cashew cream. With pureed cashews, you can proceed to use the cream as a dip, or as a base for soups and sauces.

Cashew cheese is absolutely delicious! There are so many recipes for cashew cheeses, cultured or uncultured. You can buy cashew cheeses that are so good, you will wonder why anyone needed dairy cheese in the first place. For instance, Miyokos Creamery cheese are awesome.

Cashew cheesecake. Instead of using dairy cream cheese, you can use cashews to make scrumptious cheesecakes!

Cashew milk. Another option for dairy-free milk. It is creamy and smooth and very tasty. If I only had cashew milk to drink, and no other milk options, I would still be happy.

Cashew Alfredo sauce. This is in the sauce category, but cashew alfredo sauce definitely is in a class of its own. Green Cuisine serves fettuccine alfredo with rice pasta, and it is so good. Plus, it does not feel heavy or greasy after you eat cashew alfredo sauce in comparison to what I remember of dairy-based alfredo sauce.

Cashew ice cream. Click on the link for a chai-flavoured cashew ice cream recipe. Green Cuisine makes their own vegan gelato, and some of the recipes are cashew-based. The gelatos are always very popular at the restaurant, and more flavours are always appearing.

As you can see, cashews are really amazing. They are not just a healthy, delicious snack but a powerhouse for healthful, tasty vegan recipes.