Whoa look at all those crazy jackfruit!


Ripe jackfruit is best enjoyed fresh or in desserts.

Hailed as a miracle fruit, jackfruit can feed the hungry by providing nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, and carbohydrates even during times of climate change. This is because the jackfruit tree is drought-resistant, and has an innate ability to survive pests, diseases and hot temperatures. It grows plentifully in India, Southeast and South Asia, Brazil, and Africa. It is the largest fruit grown on a tree. A single jackfruit can weigh more than 35 kilograms. Inside the jackfruit are discrete pods which contain the seeds. The seeds are also edible when cooked, and contain a good amount of protein.

In Bangladesh, jackfruit is the national fruit.

Jackfruit can potentially save the world from a shortage of food, as currently there is a decline in the production of wheat, corn, and other staple crops due to the effects of climate change. Ripe jackfruit can taste like a combination of pear, pineapple, banana and papaya. This is best enjoyed fresh, or made into desserts. Unripe or young jackfruit is green on the outside and starchy inside, and can be cooked in curries. It also can be used by vegans and vegetarians to imitate meat, such as the carnitas in tacos and burritos, as well as pulled pork.

Jackfruit Pulled Pork


Jackfruit pulled pork.


Jackfruit pulled pork in a sandwich.

With a meaty texture and the ability to take on the flavours you cook it with, unripe jackfruit is quickly becoming the next big thing for vegan diets. In the Western world, you can buy unripe jackfruit sold in cans to cook with. It is best to use canned unripe jackfruit in water, not brine, but definitely don’t use the ones in syrup. However, if you cannot find unripe jackfruit in water, you can still use the ones in brine. Rinse the jackfruit in cold water and drain it. Then you can season the jackfruit with a variety flavours, such as BBQ, Tex Mex, Asian, Mexican, etc. You can simply add onions, peppers, garlic, seasonings/spices and sauté. You can put this “pulled pork” into sandwiches, chilli, tacos, burritos, fried rice, and anything else you can think of.

In any case, once you cut up, season, and cook the stuff, it will have the consistency and tenderness of pulled pork. Here is a good jackfruit pulled pork recipe. You can also find numerous other recipes online. So go ahead, join in the tastiness and fun, and experiment with this miracle fruit.