Greetings food lovers, lately we have been changing many of our recipes to make them gluten free, you may notice many of our sauces and soups are no longer thickened with wheat flour, our popular quinoa and lentil patties no longer contain wheat but are now made with gluten free oats and some of our pasta entrees and all of our pasta salads are now made with rice pasta. Most of our cakes and many of our squares and bars are also gluten free, we are currently trying to source gluten free oat flour which would help make almost all of our treats gluten free, although regular oats do not contain gluten, because they are often grown on farms that also grow wheat and barley they contain trace amounts of those grains which makes them unsuitable to folks who are highly sensitive to gluten. A few farmers are now exclusively growing oats so that they can guarantee them to be gluten free. We hope that by listing all the ingredients on our signs we make it easy for you to choose what suits you, that said, please keep in mind that we are not a dedicated gluten free facility so may not be suitable for everyone.