P1040701Hi, I’m Sierra. I’m into delicious, wholesome food, good music, fitness, and the outdoors. I am excited to be working with Andy and the Green Cuisine team, spreading the word about the tasty new dishes they are whipping up in the kitchen. Feel free to offer suggestions and requests for seasonal fare you would like to see at Green Cuisine, as we love to hear from you!


Me hanging out at Green Cuisine

As the autumn weather settles in, one of the best things on a cold, damp night in Victoria is to have Green Cuisine soup. Personally, I find it difficult to just stop at the soup as there are always so many tantalizing menu items in the buffet.

Ok, so after my meal, I have my soup (there are usually two to choose from each day), and it is so comforting and delicious. Even though it is cold and dark outside, I feel warm and taken care of inside of me.

Taking care of myself is important all year round, but during cold season, having excellent nutrition along with limiting stress levels will keep the immune system going strong to help ward off the cold and flu viruses that are making their rounds.


A Tasty Buffet of Nutritious Options

There is plenty of selection of vitamin and mineral laden vegetables, both fresh and cooked, available at the Green Cuisine buffet. Wonderful protein-rich items may include a recipe with tempeh, seitan, or tofu. A delicious bean or lentil dish, for instance, combined with rice or buckwheat noodles, will also fill out the amino acid profile for protein. You can choose your carbohydrates, which may include brown rice, scalloped potatoes, a lasagna recipe. With menu items like chipotle lime tempeh and cashew cream of tomato soup, I know my tastebuds are always in for a treat when I come in. Even more interesting is that the menu changes every day. I always enjoy the surprise. For those who want to know what the staff picks of the day are, check the daily updates online at our website.

Vegan Gelato is Now Available, Made Here at Green Cuisine


Vegan gelatos

Speaking of treating tastebuds, recently, Green Cuisine has started making their own vegan gelato. Isn’t that great?! Gelato without any dairy. People who are intolerant to dairy, and those who are vegan, can now enjoy gelato made locally here in Victoria. These artisanal gelatos are made with almond and cashew milk and sweetened with organic agave syrup. They are creamy, yet light. Flavours include vanilla, chocolate, almond caramel, coconut, mint chocolate chip, chai, strawbana sorbet, and mango. There are six flavours to choose from on a given day. This is in addition to the many vegan desserts already available such as brownies, cakes, and cookies. It looks like dessert at Green Cuisine just got even more intriguing.

Stay tuned!


Vegan Praline Brownies