If you want a delicious, vegan breakfast, there are many choices you can make yourself at home. You don’t need a greasy meal of bacon and eggs to be satisfied. For instance, if you really want something similar to bacon and eggs,  you can veganize the food and make tofu bacon. The eggs can be substituted with a tofu scramble. I patiently await those intriguing vegan egg mixtures to arrive at grocery stores in my location, but if you live in an area where those are already available, then you can easily whip that up and make a plant-based omelette. Chickpea flour scrambles are also nice. Basically, you can veganize anything if you really try.

Vegan breakfasts have no cholesterol, and are usually lower in fat.

This week I will talk about vegan breakfasts, and even suggest a few excellent recipes I’ve acquired.


Oatmeal is the most awesome breakfast food ever. On the surface you may think that oatmeal is boring, but you can flavour it in so many ways. Not only is it delicious and versatile, but it is healthy and satisfying. Even though the large-flaked, old-fashioned oatmeal takes a little bit more time to cook, I prefer it over small-flaked oatmeal any day. The larger flakes are just so much fluffier, chewier, and gratifying. So much goodness and fibre. You can add in your nut butter of choice, any plant-based milk, pieces of fruit, cocoa powder, coconut flakes…the possibilities are so vast.


Tofu scrambles and chickpea-flour scrambles are wonderful for breakfast. In both scrambles, the key is the use of kala namak, which is an Indian black salt that gives a sulfurous, eggy flavour. Here is a savoury chickpea-flour scramble that is excellent for breakfast.


How’s this for a hearty breakfast with tofu scramble?

If you want a tofu scramble, then go here to find a delicious recipe.


Who could forget those fond childhood memories of eating pancakes in the morning? If you want a tasty, fluffy, vegan pancake, then look here.


You can have fluffy, scrumptious, vegan pancakes.


Here is my favourite tofu bacon recipe (scroll to the end of this article on liquid smoke). You can have the smokiness and sizzle of bacon without the meat! Pair tofu bacon with a tofu or chickpea-flour scramble, with an avocado on the side. Wow.

French Toast

A wonderful vegan version of French Toast is here. Yes, you can have French Toast without eggs. However, if you have vegan egg, you can use that to make your French Toast too.


Vegan French Toast, with edible decorations.

Hash Browns

You can mix potatoes with tempeh for your hash browns, as in this recipe. I love the extra infusion of protein. Absolutely spectacular! If you make more, this can be your lunch too.

Vegan Breakfasts Can Be Creative, Healthy, and Delicious

I’ve only included a few recipes which are vegan versions of traditional breakfast food, but there are so many more out there for you to try. You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on the fun of having a traditional breakfast. Although I’m never a big fan of following tradition, it is always nice to have options. I find it interesting and inspiring to see how others use their creativity to veganize a traditional recipe, and I always learn something new.