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Organic Kirimochi

Kirimochi is one of the variations of Japanese Traditional Food – Mochi. Our Kirimochi is a hard rice cake made from organic sticky brown rice ready for cooking. We cook the brown rice and then grind and knead it into a dough. After it cools we package it in 284g blocks. To prepare, cut mochi into pieces, and place in the oven, under the broiler or in a waffle iron, as mochi cooks it softens, puffs up and then goes crispy. Serve it freshly cooked with your favourite spreads or toppings. Mochi is an excellent gluten-free alternative to toast or crackers. Mochi is considered a high-energy food especially for soon-to-be or new mothers and also for endurance athletes.

Sesame Mochi

The addition of sesame seeds and gluten free soy sauce makes this mochi an excellent choice to serve as a bread replacement alongside a meal.

Raisin Cinnamon Mochi

Makes a great waffle or for dipping in maple syrup. Gluten free as well as being made from whole grain rather than a flour product ensures a very healthy treat.

Brown Rice Mochi

Made from organic brown rice and water, brown rice mochi is very versatile, cook it up and serve it alongside soups and salads or with some nut butter and jam. Makes for a perfect gluten free snack food.

Kirimochi Storage & Serving Tips

  • Always keep your Kirimochi in the refrigerator. 
  • Cut mochi into pieces. Place mochi in oven, under broiler or in a waffle iron. As mochi cooks it softens, puffs up and then goes crispy. 

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