Values beyond our meals

Eco friendly lighting

Hello fellow Earth-lovers!


Our beloved planet is constantly being drained of its precious resources, and abused in the name of profit. We see and hear of all the damage as a result of climate change – melting ice caps, an ocean filled with plastic waste and fishing nets, and air pollution hurting our ozone layer. Many years of damage have brought us to quite a scary situation. What are we going to do to help our beautiful Earth — and the amazing creatures on it?


We all know that in order to protect our beautiful Earth every single one of us need to make eco-friendly changes whenever we can. Fortunately, when we all make small steps they add up quickly, (and help us all to form new habits and work towards big changes!) We know that you want to support businesses that care. At Green Cuisine, we are committed to making positive changes whenever we can to reduce our Green House Gas emissions and enhance our guests’ quality of life. 


So what have we been up to?


We have been thinking about things that we use every day, and how to improve them. We’ve also heard some suggestions from our wonderful community via social media about give our decor an update. that’s when this idea popped up:


We have lights on at the restaurant every day — they use energy, the bulbs need to be changed occasionally, and then discarded correctly in the least damaging way. So, we’ve been learning about different light sources! 

Halogen bulbs, unfortunately, are not eco-friendly to use, and need to be disposed of much sooner than LED. 


So, we have changed our light fixtures to LED! These LED bulbs are super cool because they take much less energy to run, and last for 50,000 to 60,000 hours, opposed to the halogen lifespan of 800 to 1,600 hours. Wow! All customer areas now have bulbs that only use 8 watts of power, with the old kinds using an average of 90. 


We always have new sustainability initiatives in the work and we would love to hear your ideas to help us improve. What would you like to see us and other local businesses implement? Share with us — what are the actions that you are taking to reduce Green House Gas emissions? 



Organic ingredients

Because we all deserve to have nutritious, healthy, and delicious food, Green Cuisine uses as many organic ingredients as possible. This way we are also so proud to preserve the soil fertility for future generations to enjoy. We source the best produce and suppliers consciously to bring you these organic ingredients. Please note this list may change because of some unforeseen situations like shipping delays. 

brown rice .   brown rice flour .  Spelt flour .  oat flakes .  sorghum flour .  wheat flour .  raisins .  coconut .  buckwheat .  cous cous .  quinoa .  dried cane juice .  cane sugar .  pinto beans .  agave syrup .  peanut butter .  pumpkin seeds .  rice milk .  almond milk .  coconut milk .  corn flour .  corn meal .  sea salt .  seaweed .  soy sauce .  sauerkraut .  buckwheat flour .  sprouts .  apples .  oranges .  bananas .  pears .  pineapples .  beets .  carrots .  broccoli .  kale .  yam .  celery .  tofu .  Tempeh .  coffee .  tea .  kombucha .  brown rice pasta .  miso .  candied sugar .  coconut oil

Climate action discount

We know that our Earth is in dire need of change! Because singe-use products are a major contributor to ocean pollution and climate change, we introduced the Climate Change Discount. 

We love that you put in effort to make our world a cleaner and better place! When you bring your own reusuable container to Green Cuisine, you will receive 5% off your food or beverage, as a thank you for making a positive impact.

Learn about recipients

Discount card

We love to show gratitude to the hard-working non-profits who are making positive changes in our world. Buy a discount card from us for $20 and the entirety of your money goes to charity, and your card will get you 10% off of your meals at Green Cuisine for a year. We like to share the love, so we change the recipient organization every 2 months. 

Supporting local artist

We are so excited about the local art here in Victoria. Are you, or someone you know, an artist? Tell us about your talent! You can display your artwork at Green Cuisine, free of charge. Let’s make our space more beautiful and share our creativity.

Local & fairly traded ingredients

We care about ethical sourcing so we can provide you with guilt-free and healthy food, and improve the lives of farmers locally and globally. Green Cuisine searches for locally sourced and fairly traded ingredients. Listed here are our wonderful suppliers.

Level Ground trading .  Drumroaster coffee .  salt spring sprouts and mushrooms .  organic anita’s mills .  earth balance .  spectrum .  special teas .  discovery organics .  and many more

How can we improve?

We’d love to hear your input on how we can improve our sustainability. Please tell us your thoughts and ideas, no matter how big or small. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, and your voice truly matters to us.



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