What is tempeh?

Tempeh is a fermented soy food rich in nutrients and prebiotics.


                                                 What Is Tempeh?

Have you ever wondered about these interesting protein-filled squares called Tempeh? 

In this post, we share a bit about tempeh and what makes it so special. We’ve been making tofu and tempeh for many years and are excited to share some of the tempeh love with you!

Is Tempeh Tasty?

Tempeh is a very versatile plant food. While it may not be quite as versatile as tofu, it is even better in some dishes! There are many different ways to enjoy it. Tempeh has a tangier flavour than tofu, and has a firmer and more textured bite. This makes tempeh an excellent food for savoury dishes that work well with more solid components, like a stew or a curry. Tempeh makes for a great burger as well. Another fun way to try tempeh is in our Soysage Rolls at Green Cuisine. There are many flavour possibilities.

What are the dark spots? Is it good to eat? If you have been eating tempeh for a while you may have encountered dark coloured patches on your tempeh. If you are new to eating tempeh, it is good to know about these harmless dark spots and to understand what they are. The dark spots on Tempeh are known as sporulation. It is what happens when the tempeh culture “goes to seed”. Tempeh is like a mini mushroom farm. In the areas where there is more oxygen present (around the bag perforations), the Tempeh ripens slightly faster, and the microscopic mushrooms in those areas decide it’s time to sporulate. It is entirely harmless. Much like blue cheeze or gorgonzola, it is simply an indication of ripeness. We believe it is better to allow the tempeh to adequately ripen, than to freeze or cook it early just to avoid occasional sporulation.The dark spots are a natural part of the culturing process, and do not indicate spoilage.If it smells good, it should be ok to eat. If, however, the product smells bad or is slimy which is an indication of spoilage, it should be returned for a refund to the store.Fortunately, the black spots are a harmless and normal part of the fermentation process and are ok for us to eat. Is Tempeh Healthy?

Tempeh is an amazing food for many reasons. It is a plant-based food meaning it contains no cholesterol or animal cruelty. It is high in plant protein and rich in many nutrients. Because of its fermentation process, tempeh has prebiotics that can aid in gut health. Next time you see a package of tempeh, we recommend you read the nutritional information on the back and you may be very pleasantly surprised! Where Can I Try It?

We love making tempeh and cooking with it in a variety of ways at our restaurant. We have tempeh dishes in our buffet every day, too, so you can try a little tempeh made in different ways to see what suits your tastes best. We even make a vegan version of a sausage roll– our new Soysage Roll: ground tempeh made in to a soysage inside of delicious pastry. Before you leave the restaurant, check out our cooler to see our full variety of tempeh products available for you to take home and make, we have a variety of flavours always in-stock. Additional Resources https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/tempeh#section3www.nutritionfacts.org  What is your favourite tempeh dish? Do you have a favourite recipe to make at home? We’d love to hear from you.